Monday, March 18, 2019

Half Japanese - Invincible

Long running Philadelphia band Half Japanese has dropped their fifth album, and we think it is a good one.  Injecting a good bit more melody and structure into their trademark noise generation machine, Invincible lives up to its name in hinting that Half Japanese can, and should, continue their rock and roll production indefinitely.  Of course, Jad Fair still is Jad Fair, so the lyrical themes include horror movies and romance, all a bit free-wheeling and off kilter to be sure, but that just makes it more entertaining.  A sublime merger of the primitive and pop songcraft -- enjoy!

For Invincible, Half Japanese are Jad Fair, John Sluggett, Gilles-Vincent Rieder, Jason Willett, and Mick Hobbs.  The album is out now in vinyl, CD, and digital formats via Fire Records.

Bandcamp for Invincible
Fire Records page for Half Japanese

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