Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Unlikely Friends - Crooked Numbers

One of our local favorites, Unlikely Friends, is helping us all start out the year right with a collection of new songs titled Crooked Numbers.  Consisting of 14 songs of crunchy guitar pop that will give you a bit over a half hour of bliss, and then repeated 31-minute reprises because you will be hooked long before the first run is completed, this is the work of pop masters.  The principal pop masters, or the most unlikely of the unlikely friends if you will, are Charles Bert (of Math and Physics Club) and D. Crane (of BOAT), with Chris Mac drumming.  For this album Unlikely Friends have added Mark McKenzie and Ethan Jones from their other projects, presumably for musical chops as well as the key characteristic of not being likely to be friends, and the additions beef up the sound -- and those delectable harmonies -- to great effect.  And this album is more than hooks, harmonies and crunch, as there is plenty of wit and offbeat touches as well.  In our view, it all adds up to a great record and a fitting continuation of the strain of Seattle guitar pop typified by The Young Fresh Fellows.

Crooked Numbers is out this Friday, January 12, via Swoon Records.   You have your choice of digital, CD or cassette versions.

Bandcamp for Crooked Numbers
Swoon Records

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