Monday, January 22, 2018

Club 8 - Golden Island

Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård are a joint wellspring of creativity.  Although separately engaged in other projects from time (Acid House Kings, The Legends, Poprace), they have comprised Club 8 since they formed the band as teenagers in 1995 in their native Sweden.  With nine previous albums under that name, this week sees the release of Golden Island, and marks yet another shift in the band's vision.  They previously have expressed themselves in genres as diverse as Bossa Nova, guitar pop, club music, and indie soul.  But on Golden Island, they shift to another dimension, an atmospheric soundscape with whispers, samples, field recordings, odd instruments and restrained melodicism, all the while making good use of space and subtle shifts in tone.  To our ears in sounds like the music of inspired faeries.  Having spent a few weeks with it, we think it may be one of the more addictive sets of songs we have heard in a long time.  It is music for your late night hours, that will deliver inspiration and pleasure for a long time.

Golden Island is out in all formats on Friday, January 26 via Labrador Records.

Labrador Records' page for Golden Island

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