Saturday, January 20, 2018

Salad Boys - This Is Glue

And our album of the week? This Is Glue by a mile.  Admittedly, long-time readers of the blog won't be shocked to discover that we have enthusiastically embraced the latest album by New Zealand's Salad Boys, but we stand by every one of the many words of praise we have devoted to them over the past several years.  And on this edition, the guitars ring and jangle while the rhythm section provides a buoyant platform for Joe Sampson's creations.  While the themes are serious, and at times anxious or bitter, and the tone melancholy, the soundtrack splices Flying Nun history with a college rock and a supercharged splinter of Teenage Fanclub, creating guitar pop anthems for the modern age.  And not content to only rock out, the band displays a deft touch with more wistful tracks such as "In Heaven" and "Going Down Slow" as well.  While the hooks are plentiful and the arrangements well-conceived, the songs are just shy of a full coat of polish.  Far from a flaw, the slightly rough surface strikes us as a deliberate production choice -- a decision to allow the aural aesthetic mirror the gritty reality of the compositions. 

This Is Glue is available on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Trouble In Mind Records.

Bandcamp for This Is Glue
Trouble In Mind Records page for Salad Boys
Trouble In Mind Records

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