Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Hermit Crabs - In My Flat

Every being has its nature.  Hermit crabs stay out of sight much of the time, and then scuttle into view in all of their cute glory.  They thrill for a while -- especially other beings who like to consume them -- and then they are gone until the next fortunate sighting.  Such is the case with Glasgow's land-based version, The Hermit Crabs.  Melanie Whittle formed the band in 2003.  Since then, there have been one LP and several EPs, with various additional temporary crabs supporting Mel.  True, not a massive output, but what do you expect from hermit crabs?

Happily, the band has emerged into the sunlight again with In My Flat, which I think is the band's best work yet.  Recorded in Idaho with Jeremy Jensen and Jake Hite of The Very Most (with whom Mel collaborates as Baffin Island), it comprises eight songs pop songs featuring Whittle's delicate and pristine voice, appealing melodies, and uncomplicated but interesting instrumentation.  And as always is the case with a recording from The Hermit Crabs, Whittle's compositions are a star of the proceedings.  Personal, intimate, revealing, feisty and witty, she paints evocative little portraits of life in a manner reminiscent of Scottish indie pop peers Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura.  This record does what good indie pop should do -- make you sigh, may you smile, and prompt you to tap your foot or even dance around the room.  If mixtapes still are a thing you do, a few of these may end up in the hands of your special friends.  The Hermits Crabs are back in the sunlight, get yourself some.

In My Flat is available in CD or digital formats via Matinee Recordings.

Matinee Recordings page for In My Flat

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