Friday, December 4, 2015

KiDD - Hotchpotch

If you have followed Scottish pop over the years, you have heard Stuart KiDD, even if you haven't heard any of his work under his own name.  He has been a member of several bands, including the venerable BMX Bandits, St Deluxe, Harmony Springs, The Store Keys, and The Wellgreen, and he has played with Jonny, Linden and Pearlfishers, among others.  We are fans of his work, and featured some of it three years ago (link).

KiDD's label, The Barne Society, has released a limited edition cassette of songs Stuart has recorded in recent years.  The songs were picked by Stuart himself, and provide an excellent and varied listening experience.  Among the highlights are the '60s pop of opener "Alfie" (did The Beach Boys mislay this one when mixing Pet Sounds?), the roots/psych of "4 Leaf Clover", the Beatle-esque "Win Or Lose", the shuffling plea to a lover who intends to leave of "Win Or Lose", the pastoral pop of "Turquoise" and "Leave Me Here I'm Sleeping" (which bring to mind Fleet Foxes), the country pop "Ring the Belle", and the dreampop "Rooftop Cityscape".  You can stream, and order, the entire album at the Bandcamp link below.


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