Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hooton Tennis Club - Highest Point In Cliff Town

Tennis, anyone?  OK, that isn't the most original lead-in, and Liverpool's Hooton Tennis Club most likely has heard it more than a few times.  But often you get what you pay for, and I write for free.

Hooton Tennis Club, which is named after an actual tennis club is comprised of Ryan Murphy, Jaes Madden, Callum McFadden, and Harry Chalmers, long time friends whose demos attracted the attention of Heavenly Recordings.  Signatures on the dotted line led to recording The Highest Point In Cliff Town -- twelve tracks of swaggering indie rock that sounds like a cross of '90s Britpop and Scott & Charlene's Wedding.  Breezy in attitude, loose at the edges, and muscular when it needs to be, it varies among powerpop anthems, woozy jams and party sing-alongs.  We found it a very satisfying album, and if you like well constructed and good-natured guitar rock as much as we do, you owe it to yourself to check this album out.  I expect it will be on a few year-end lists, and I think it may make mine.

Heavenly Recordings page for Highest Point In Cliff Town

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