Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Breakfast Muff - Rainbow Yawn

We want to address a serious issue.  Seasonal affective disorder cripples many young adults just as they should be building their careers.  Winter comes, days get short and we withdraw, get depressed and underachieve.  The personal and societal cost is immense, and the tragedy unnecessary.  Through diligent trial and error we at WYMA have developed strategies to beat this affliction.  Today, we unveil our favorite ("favourite" for our Glasgow friends) approach:  Daily Breakfast Muff.  Yes, we have found that a dose of Breakfast Muff starts the day out with the proper frame of mind, a bounce in the step, a feeling of accomplishment, and perhaps a bit of sweat on the upper lip to let you know you started the day with … well … a bang.

Glasgow's Breakfast Muff delivers distortion, with, lyrical gutter fantasy in seven garage punk songs on Rainbow Yawn.  No tentative debut, this.  It says love us or fuck off, or at least buy us a beer, in no uncertain terms.  It is the product of the delightfully flawed minds of Cal (Youngstrr Joey/Spinning Coin), Eilidh (FROTH) and Simone (FROTH), and you can listen to brief stories about Satan, who is not down to fuck, horny people, and other topics of interest.  The tunes are good and the energy infectious.  Stream some or all of it below, and see the Bandcamp link to make it your very own.  Make a note of it: Breakfast Muff is what the body needs.

Rainbow Yawn is out on December 19 via Fuzzkill Records, which seems to be a destination for a number of exciting acts in Glasgow.  The record is available as on cassette and as a digital download.

Bandcamp for Rainbow Yawn
Fuzzkill Records

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