Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Creeping Ivies - Your New Favourite Garage Band

We are fans of truth in advertising, so we heartily endorse the name of the new release from Glasgow's The Creeping Ivies.  Yes, the title of Your New Favourite Garage Band tells you what the goods are, and you'll be happy about that.  The Creeping Ivies are a three-piece band who combine garage and roots rock with attitude and energy.  Ian Duncan on drums and Mark McLaughlin on provide a sturdy rhythm that makes this record a must for anyone's party soundtrack while reminding us of The Ramones and Bo Diddley.  Becca Murray on vocals and guitar is an absolute force of rock and roll nature, projecting attitude, fierce confidence and passion in one fiery package that will accept no second place in any comparison.  The trio manages simultaneously project stylish grit and side street menace, while giving you a wink and a good time.  If, I mean when, you get this album you'll play it over and over.  You may feel guilty that you are ignoring other albums.  But then you'll remember the great sounds of The Creeping Ivies, and listen to this album again because, as you will correctly conclude, this is why we listen to rock and roll.

Long-time fans may have a number of these tracks via previous EP and singles releases, but many are available on CD for the first time with this album, all conveniently assembled by Glasgow label Flowers In The Dustbin as a digital download or CD.  See the Bandcamp link below for a full album stream.

Bandcamp for album
Flowers In The Dustbin

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