Thursday, December 10, 2015

Eyes of Others - Nightwalking EP

I just lifted my head up and looked out my office window.  What I see is cold rain, driven by a stiff wind.  And despite being on the 33rd floor, I can't see much because of the fog and low-hanging clouds.  This requires the infusion of synth pop to maintain an even keel until beer-thirty (which according to the powers that be, will in fact occur at 5 pm today).  Specifically, I have turned to the Nightwalking EP from Edinburgh's Eyes of Others.  Artfully blending '80s electronica with bubbling synth pop, Eyes of Others is interesting, soothing and infuses me with a cool, calm while watching the torrents of rain.

Eyes of Others is the work of composer/producer John Bryden.  You can stream all the tracks below, and listen to two previous singles at the Bandcamp link.

Nightwalking is a digital release via Club Fandango/INgrooves, so check your favorite digital source.


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