Saturday, May 7, 2022

The Glass Picture - The Glass Picture EP


The Glass Pictures was formed  in 2020 by new flatmates Violetta Del Conte-Race and Lucy Emanuel (collectively veterans of Las Tetas, Modal Melodies, Primo!, and Reserve Game). However, as evidenced by their debut self-titled EP, the duo has quickly honed a distinctive and enthralling sound. Their songs are synth pop, but with dark folk and baroque elements. The melodies are captivating and the details lavishly applied, but the songs have a force about them. We assure you that you will be left wanting more. The replay button is your friend.

The Glass Pictures EP was released in November 2021 via a Melbourne cassette label Hidiotic Records, but fortunately the good folks at Chapter Music realized that a digital release was well-deserved. And so it is.

Bandcamp for EP

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