Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Man Behind Tree - 3


Man Behind Tree might be viewed as an ominous name for a band, but it only takes a few moments of listening to new album 3 to relax and give yourself to the superb jangle pop and power pop that this quartet creates. Although based in Berlin, sound of Man Behind Tree is classic Teenage Fanclub and west coast US guitar pop. And it is done with flair and style. If you are a jangle fan like us, this is your discovery of the week.

Man Behind Tree are Hans Forster (vocals/guitar), Tobias Suttner (vocals/guitar), Gregor Huttner (drums/vocals), and Graham McCarthy (bass/vocals). 3 is out now in digital, CD and cassette formats via Subjangle and Twaague (cassette). Members of the band also are, or have been, in Seaside Stars, Hanemoon, and Mincer Ray.




Bandcamp for album

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