Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Kevin Robertson - Teaspoon of Time


An album from Kevin Robertson doesn't need a lot of words, it really just needs your ears. The man is a master of jangling psychedelic and guitar pop favorably recalling our favorite music of the '60s and '80s. His new Teaspoon of Time is another solo effort, although he also is a member of The Vapour Trails. The Scots singer songwriter is a musical multi-tool. His songwriting is melodic and evocative, his vocals gentle and nuanced, and he plays multiple instruments well. His previous solo album Sundown's End was a welcome treat, but this album even tops its predecessor. Spend and evening with Teaspoon of Time, and it will be an evening well spent.

Of course, an album this good requires contributions from a number of talented individuals. In addition to Kevin (vocals/guitars/keys/harmonica), contributors include Nick Bertling (drums/keys/bass/Sitar/guitar), Scott Robertson (bass/backing vocals/guitar/keys). Additional guest contributions were provided by Dave Morgan, Andrew Taylor, Arash Torabi, Jim Shepherd, Tali Trow, and Nick Frater. Teaspoon of Time is out now via Subjangle Records and Futureman Records


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