Friday, May 13, 2022

"Credit Note" by Holiday Ghosts


If When You Motor Away decided to hire a house band for all of our functions, Holiday Ghosts would be one of the top invitees. In fact, we aren't hiring a house band because we actually lack a physical facility to house a function and the house band. Further, the term "hire" suggests some compensation. We have some money from time to time, but summer is coming and that means our beer inventory needs a bump so, well, I think you understand.

But our need to have the essentials of life doesn't diminish our joy at learning that Holiday Ghosts have more music ready for our ears -- music we can listen to and pretend it is played by a house band we had the money to hire. The upcoming installment is an EP titled Credit Note and it is due July 27 via FatCat Records. We understand that the digital version has five tracks, and the vinyl version includes a bonus sixth track. We haven't heard the entire EP, but based on past recordings we expect energetic indie rock with good pop smarts and a sound and performance that could convince you that they are live and in the flesh, albeit in your ears. Take it for a test drive with title track "Credit Note".

The core of Holiday Ghosts has always been Katja Rackin (drums/vocals) and Samuel Stacpoole (guitar/vocals), but they have collaborated with various friends for past recordings. For Credit Note they are joined by B. Spanks (2nd guitar) and Morgan Lloyd-Mathews (bass).



Bandcamp for EP


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