Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Dollar Bar - Pyrrhic Victory

One might think that the COVID induced working from home would have improved our blog output. However, while it has increased readership as home office workers feel more comfortable, and bored enough, to check-in more regularly, we haven't kept pace. Part of the problem is that without a clear demarcation between work and home, we find ourselves working at times when we normally wouldn't (no wonder the managing partner is in no hurry to call us all back to the office and slurp the free coffee). And we also have more access to the great outdoors of which we have made frequents use. Yes, we do work out, thanks for noticing. So with apologies to several fine bands, we are going to try to reach back and highlight some worthy music.

And first on the list is Pyrrhic Victory, the fourth and final album from Brisbane's Dollar Bar. Why "final"? We don't know. But we do know that this is an excellent album and if it is their exit music, they are leaving at the top of their game. They launch with a couple of rocking tunes so appealing that the we could wonder whether the band has used their musical ammunition too soon, but instead our smiles get bigger as we bounce to the power pop segment of "Cops On Ferrars", the very GBV-esque "James Brown", the '60s tinted "Paddington Workers Club", and "Not A Dig". Desert rock is on offer with "The House of the Rising Damp". The splendid tracks keep coming and we become even more remorseful at not alerting you to this album sooner. Save our blushes and go get it. NOW.

Dollar Bar is Dale Peachey (guitar/vocals), Chris Yates (guitar/vocals), Patrick McCabe (bass/vocals), and Brendan Rosenstengel (drums).

Bandcamp for Pyrrhic Victory

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