Friday, October 2, 2020

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Live at The Tote

Ah, the weekend is here. Everyone ready for some live music. Oh, that's right, there isn't much live music these days. But we are all about public service here, so we are going to offer a very satisfying substitute. It just happens that one of our favorite bands, Melbourne's Scott & Charlene's Wedding, played a live gig at The Tote this past January. And it also just happens that the performance was captured on tape with, to our ears, excellent sound quality. Known for their impeccable taste, the good people at Bedroom Suck Records swooped up the rights to release the performance, and now has unleashed Live At The Tote for our weekend almost live show pleasure.

If you aren't familiar with this band, here is an introduction. The main man is Craig Dermody -- singer, songwriter, painter, and all-around good dude. His musical approach is a somewhat rough-edged and charmingly disheveled singer-songwriter-as-indie-rocker. The compositions are warm, heartfelt and infused with humanity. The current version of the band includes Jack Farley (bass), Ela Stiles (guitar), and Joe Alexander (drums). And for this recording they were joined by former member Gill Tucker (guitar). So obviously, there is a lot of rumbling, snarling guitar riding a solid rhythm, and the energy leaps out of the speakers. You might even get the sense that there is beer sticking your shoes to the floor. It might be your imagination, but it may just as well be your own beer when as you started grooving to one of the best live recordings you have heard in a long time. 

In the main the songs are fast-paced and raucous, while still managing a common man lyricism. But there are tender moments like "Scrambled Eggs" as well. Good God, we love this album!

Live At The Tote is available in digital and cassette formats. See the Bandcamp link, and rock on.

Bandcamp for album

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