Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Flatmates - The Flatmates

There are some albums that leave you breathless, as if you just finished an enjoyable bout of strenuous exercise. You glow, you feel alive, and you want to do it again. The new self-titled album by Bristol's The Flatmates is such and album. Played at a pop punk pace with loads of fuzz and melody and hooks riding the wave, it is C86 revisited on steroids. The drums and bass are appealingly high in the mix, but then, everything else is too. And to for us, it is a confection that is easy to love. We assure you, this version of The Flatmates is a welcome addition to the indie scene, and this album is prominent in our rotation this month.

The Flatmates are Lisa Bouvier (vocals/backing vocals/bass/guitar), Martin Whitehead (guitar/backing vocals), Mattias Lidehall (bass), Rocker (keys/programming/backing vocals), and Brian Price (drums). The Flatmates is available in digital, CD and vinyl formats via Bristol label Local Underground.


Bandcamp for the album

Local Underground

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