Monday, September 28, 2020

Ezrat - Carousel

Bands come and go. For example, we were fond of indie jangle poppers EZTV, but they drifted off the radar and are now in the 'former band' category. But sometimes, bands transform and comeback. To continue with our example, Ezra Tenenbaum, the songwiter and main man behind EZTV is back in the guise of Ezrat. The project is not quite solo, as percussionist Michael Stasiak from EZTV has come along. The fruits of their labor is the 12-track Carousel, which at this very moment is pleasuring our eager ears. The songs, which were recorded with the assistance of a formidable roster of Brooklyn talent (see the credits on the Bandcamp page), retain some of the jangle of EZTV but Ezra also infused these gently melancholy creations with an ample dose of dream pop. The result is a fine album perfect for the Indian Summer days of Fall, which is where we find ourselves at WYMA World Headquarters.

Carousel is out now via Madrid's Bobo Intregal Records.

Bandcamp for Carousel

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