Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Frøkedal - How We Made It

After stints in Harry's Gym and I Was A King, Norwegian musician Anne Lise Frøkedal commenced her solo project under her surname in 2015.  Following her debut EP and album, she now has created the delightful How We Made It.  The album is a sparkling showcase for skillfully constructed songs, insightful and wide-ranging lyricism, and confident performances.  Frokedal's arrangements range from fold to indie pop, and she and her collaborators season the proceedings with less usual instruments.  As the young woman explores her world, we are treated to an exploration of her art.  We assure you that the twin journey is well worth your time.

How We Made It is out now via Propeller Recordings.

Bandcamp for How We Made It
Propeller Recordings

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