Tuesday, September 18, 2018

"Bubble Sword" by Hairband

It has been our impression for quite a while that the musical talent in Glasgow in inexhaustible, but just in case our conviction on the subject wavered, we have yet another data point in support.  Here, for your listening pleasure, is "Bubble Sword" by Hairband.  A five-piece consisting of Rowan Wright, Sephi Lock, Emma Smith, Rachel Taylor, and Simone Wilson, the project brings together five songwriters with experience in other top bands such as Spinning Coin, Breakfast Muff, Lush Purr, and Kaputt.  They features three guitars, as well as bass and drums, producing a sound that is full and confident, but loose-jointed and carefree.  We think this group will go as far as they want to.

Hairband's self-titled debut will be out October 19 via Monorail Music.


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