Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Goon Sax - We're Not Talking

Now at the end of their teens, Louis Forster (vocals/guitar/bass/keys), James Harrison (guitar/bass/keys/vocals), and Riley Jones (vocals/percussion) have label deals in Australia and the UK, a second LP dropping this week, and another international tour.  If that seems like a bumper crop of good fortune for the Australian trio known as The Goon Sax, we would like to opine that they have earned every bit of it via their own talent and hard work.  Their first album displayed an innate feel for DIY guitar pop, but also revealed their talent for sharing the reality of the teenage moment with an awkward charm.  A few years later, their renditions of life have broadened to reflect additional experiences and more nuanced perspectives, while still retaining a touch of vulnerability and wonder.

In addition to broadened emotional range, the growth of The Goon Sax can be attributed to the fact that all three members have emerged as songwriters and vocalists, adding both depth of perspective and variety in delivery.  And, coupled with upbeat arrangements, their mix of bittersweet reflection, clear-eyed evaluation, warmth, self-depreciation, and sincerity make this band so special.  They manage to seem both older than their chronological ages and younger than their current and incipient reputations would suggest, but none of that is an act.  They are real, direct, and emerging as a very fine indie pop band.

In addition to the three members of The Goon Sax, players on the album were Lizzie Welsh (violin), Biddy Connor (viola), and Madison Foley (trumpet).  We're Not Talking is out September 14 in digital, CD and vinyl formats via Chapter Music in Australia and New Zealand and Wichita Recordings in the rest of the world.

Bandcamp for album
Chapter Music page for album
Wichita Recordings page for album

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