Thursday, September 6, 2018

School Damage - A To X

A To X is one of the more refreshing albums we have had the pleasure of listening to in a while.  In a world of carefully processed music, creators School Damage are unafraid to show a few ragged edges, a few less coats of paint, and fewer nods to the conventions of construction.  The result is indie pop that is immediate, visceral, and oh so very charming.  For a variety of reasons, sophomore albums rarely better the band's debuts. but we are comfortable in asserting that it has happened in this case.  School Damage has kept what made them special, and sharpened up what could be sharpened without losing the plot.  For those of us who like the scrappy side of indie pop, this release is like getting springtime at the end of (our Northern Hemisphere) summer.

School Damage are Jake Robertson, Carolyn Hawkins, Dani Damage, and Jeff Raty.  A To X is out now via Chapter Music.

Bandcamp for A To X
Chapter Music

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