Friday, September 14, 2018

"Seems" by Johnny Kills

Well, dammit, someone needs to save Friday and it might as well be Johnny Kills.  The trio is one of our favorite current purveyors of exuberant garage rock.  Their contribution to Friday's salvation is via "Seems", the new single for Killing Moon Records.  Addressing the conflict presented when you receive good and bad news simultaneously (like us being happy its Friday at the same time we review the things we need to accomplish before we leave the office today), it is sure to supercharge your day.

"Seems" is available at all the usual digital outlets.  And say thank you to Tim Lloyd-Kinnings, Cameron Gipp, and Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings, aka Johnny Kills.

And because it is Friday, you may need the band's previous 2018 single, "Who's Counting?" --


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