Monday, November 6, 2017

"Tell" by The Ocean Party

We are so much more than international music people here at WYMA.  We also are keenly interested in science.  And pursuing this interest, we recently asked our science department to run a saturation test to determine the saturation point for music for certain bands.  Our hypothesis was that the saturation point is a function not only of quantity of music and lapse of time, but also of the quality of music.  We are happy to report that our hypothesis was proved over the course of exhaustive testing.  To give you just a taste of the results, the Guns and Roses saturation point was 45.  No, not 45 songs, 45 seconds.  And we had left the room to get a beer for most of that time.  Early Rolling Stones doesn't hit saturation until two albums have run; later Stones saturate the listener more rapidly.

However, at the other end of the spectrum is Melbourne's The Ocean Party.  Considering the relatively short period of time (in terms of music production) of calendar year 2017, the prolific band has released a collection of B-side type material (our feature here), a tour tape (our feature here), the massively impressive LP Beauty Point (our feature here), and soon the Guilt EP.  This material was played to our test subjects in addition to other projects involving band members, such as Ciggie Witch, and attending The Ocean Party's show earlier in the year.  And despite all of that music, not one of our test subjects hit saturation point for The Ocean Party.  In fact, they all begged to hear the upcoming  EP.  Of course we didn't allow them to do that, because "upcoming" has to mean something, and even we have ethics (unless procurement of beer is involved).  But we can share with you one of the six EP tracks, "Tell".  The song underscores the band's ability to provide introspective lyrical content in a universally relatable manner and wrap it up in a glistening pop song.

Guilty will be out in early December via Spunk Records.

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