Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mt. Doubt - Moon Landings

Certain bands have the unique ability to punch you in the gut while soaring melodically.  The Twilight Sad has been such a band, and more recently, Mt. Doubt has proven themselves in that channel.    Perhaps the Scots are predestined to thrill in this manner, but whatever the source, we are big fans.  If you are a regular reader, Mt. Doubt needs no introduction.  For those who are less familiar, know that the Edinburgh-based project was founded in 2014 by Leo Bargery.  Prolific of late, Mt. Doubt has released the new Moon Landings EP.  On this effort, Leo is joined by Ryan Firth and Annie Booth.  You will find the expected mountain of doom, heralded by Leo's baritone, but also rays of almost sunny pop tones.  It is a winning combination and a welcome expansion of the band's sound.

Moon Landings is out now via Scottish Fiction.

Scottish Fiction

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