Monday, November 6, 2017

A Certain Smile - Fits & Starts

A Certain Smile distills their influences with perfection.  Presumably devouring the catalogs of Sarah, Creation, Heavenly, Slumberland and the various noise pop and dream pop bands that make us sigh and smile that certain smile, the Philadelphia-to-Portland band has released Fits & Starts, a nine-track dissertation of their genre that deserves a much, much wider audience than it appears to have garnered so far.  From start to finish, the album displays a knack for melody, driven by a twin guitar attack that soars, jangles and dances with authority, and super sweet hooks.  The sound is confident, and the arrangements robust, but detailed.  Fans of Aberdeen, Rocketship, and The Clientele will find this release especially welcome, but it should be a delight to all.

A Certain Smile consists of Thomas (vocals/guitar), Casey (bass), Zach (guitars/keys), and Ian (drums).  Additional performances provided by Ryan, Lisle, and Kitt.

Bandcamp for Fits & Starts

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