Thursday, November 8, 2012

REVIEW: Trainwreck Riders - Ghost Yards

Trainwreck Riders are a San Francisco band playing a fantastic blend of alternative country and alternative rock - bringing to mind influences as varied as The Meat Puppets, Drive-by Truckers and Pavement, in the process of creating something very enjoyable. Apparently all four members, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Pete Frauenfelder, drummer Steve Kerwin, lead guitarist/vocalist Andrew Kerwin, and bassist Shawn "Boof" Wyman, share backgrounds playing in various punk bands. Like some of the better alt/country acts, the punk influence is not terribly overt but definitely informs their approach, and yet does not limit their willingness to stretch out and play some guitars.

You can download the single "Gypsy Stealin'" and listen for yourself:

Somewhat typical of the album as a whole, the song changes three times - each includes some terrific rhythm and guitar work.

And here is a video for "Houses On The Hill":

This is my first exposure to this band - apparently they've been playing together for 10 years or so - and I look forward to exploring the back catalog. For now, you'd be well advised to give this thing a listen.

Here is their website, and you can buy it at the label site: 20-Sided Records:

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