Monday, December 12, 2011

New EP from Fiction Faction

We profiled Glasgow band Fiction Faction earlier in the year. We liked their chiming guitars, and their fresh fusion of indie rock and electronic sounds. Some have likened their sound to a somewhat more pop version of The Cure. The gang is back in view with the October release of the Malenky Lizards EP on Glasgow's Saraseto Records. The stable four members of the group (they seem to be looking to add a keyboard player from time to time) are David (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Paul (Lead guitar, Vocals), John Paul (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Ellis (Drums, Backing Vocals).

The title track is the worthy centerpiece of the EP. Its fusion of pop and indie rock with a hint of blue-eyed soul evokes for me some of the finest moments of Joe Jackson. I've been playing it a couple of times a day for weeks.

The second track, "A Lot Can Happen On A Summers Day" has the tone and shading of a Cure song, but with a tempo built for the dance floor. The third track is a Miamoux Miamoux remix of a previously released track, "Apparations". I think it is well done, although I don't consider myself a connoisseur of remixes. The fourth and final track is "Harmonizing the Grateful", which favorably reminds this listener of David Bowie singing vocals for the Soft Boys.

You can stream the entire album here:

Malenky Lizards EP is worth your attention not only because it contains four good songs, but because it promises an exciting things for the future. The band is polished, the vocals are excellent, and the scope of the songs suggest a group willing to reach a bit to create music that means something to them.

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