Friday, December 23, 2011

Robert Pollard - video for "Love Your Spaceman", link to stream Let's Go Eat The Factory and fantastic old GbV track "Pantherz"

From 2008's Superman Was a Rocker, which by the way is not one of the six (or seven) great discs Pollard helmed this fine year. I say (or seven) because it appears you can now obtain Let's Go Eat the Factory, the new studio record from the GbV classic lineup. You can certainly go stream it at NPR.

Why post this now? Just because you deserve another chance to be exposed to the genius of Robert Pollard...

Updated to add link to great old GbV song "Pantherz" from the ACTUAL classic era, posted by Jim Greer via his great blog "North of Onhava":

Latest tracks by North of Onhava

Bookmark Jim's blog or follow him on Twitter, he will occasionally post great nuggets like this for limited times... and he's an excellent writer.

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