Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Discovery: Eww Yaboo - Yeah, What?

Get past the band name, and the title... get into this music, because it's a pretty arresting combination of punk and glam with some real sheen on some of the guitar sounds. First couple songs, "Make It Fast" and "I'm Not Afraid" are pretty aggressive and I will say that the guitar sounds remind me of Nirvana. The third cut "Don't Change Yr Mind" builds a little more slowly, and "So Many of the Kids" is, quite frankly, a masterpiece, showing that, while they're good at the sub-3:00 punk raver, they have the ability to sustain the energy over 4:15 if they want to.

Here's a video of that song in live performance - not the highest quality video, but I like the energy and you can hear a good recording of the song at the bandcamp link below.

If these guys have some more of this in them, I hope they'll put out a whole album soon.

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