Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Lower Plenty - No Poets


No poets, they say? Poetry is a vital cultural institution, so what do we do if we have no more poetry? Our answer is that we listen to No Poets. Lower Plenty may disclaim the status (or their tongues may be firmly in their cheek), but in our not very humble opinion this ten-song set is a fulsome series of poems about life -- good, bad, triumphs, and disappointments. The arrangements are minimalist, with precious vocal and musical details and plenty of space for emphasis. The the four songwriters craft their lyrics concisely, but that concision demands the listener's attention to every word, every nuance. And spare as they are, the lyrics hit the bullseye every time. From "The Great Pretender":

In the corner of my mind there's a little town Like a ghost it follows me around I go away, I lay awake I go so far away I see the face. Stop thinkin' it was all so easy Stop drinkin', well that's not so easy Layin' in bed you talk about behavioural theory I go to sleep underneath you janglin' jailer's keys

No Poets has been out since early October, so we are remiss in not writing about it earlier. We certainly have played it enough that is has become a soundtrack for life. But with the hindsight available as we reach the end of the year, we are confident that this is one of our top five albums of the year. Buy yourself some poetry for the holidays. And buy some for someone you love.

Lower Plenty is Al Montfort, Daniel Twomey, Jensen Tjhung, and Sarah Heyward. The members' various other projects include Terry, Sleeper & Snake, UV Race, Deaf Wish, and Total Control. No Poets is out now via Bedroom Suck Records.

Bandcamp for No Poets

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