Sunday, December 3, 2023

Pop Filter - CONO


All members are singers-songwriters, most or all are multi-instrumentalists, and all have been members of respected bands, so there is no fear of contradiction in writing that Pop Filter is an Australian super-group. But the special nature of the band's recordings goes beyond those facts. This is a collection brought together by affection for each other and love of making music, not ego and a chase for fame (and since it is an indie pop band, we are confident it is for reasons other than acquiring great wealth). Their cohesion as a playing unit is a testament to their talent, but also is earned over the years playing with each other in various combinations in other bands (The Ocean Party, Cool Sounds, Snowy Band, Partner Look).

The songs on Pop Filter's new album CONO evince comfort and sincerity, but also the ambition to make each member's creation as perfect as possible -- understanding that perfection in this realm doesn't necessarily mean a glossy finish. The guitars, keys and rhythms always sound terrific while the vocals are delivered in that now familiar laconic Aussie style. All of the foregoing combined with the top class and delightfully distinctive songwriting result in an album that sounds special, feels special, and is special. Which songs are our favorites? All of them, but we have a few for you below. By the way, "Racin' Like Hell" is an album closer that shames most other album closers. So we haven't embedded it below because we hope you go to the Bandcamp link and are tempted to buy the album. Sure, the band deserves it. We think you deserve it too.

One of our clear favorites of the year, CONO is out now via Spunk Records, Osborne Again, and Bobo Integral

Bandcamp for CONO

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