Sunday, December 3, 2023

Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lockpickers - Murder 24/7


It has been a few years since we last wrote about Jacob and his mates. But while trawling the internet to avoid professional and household duties we discovered Murder 24/7, a six-track mini-album by Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lockpickers. One listen and we were thorough captivated and massively entertained. With the theme of murder as entertainment, a gothic folk/roots R&R approach all underpinned by a dub rhythm section, it is a great little record. Call it gothic dub folk, rockabilly dub or whatever you imagine fits. But the genre really doesn't matter when it tickles our fancy. And oh, we are very tickled.

The band is Jacob Lovatt (vocals/lyrics), Josh Longton (bass/guitars/keys), Michael Bleazard (drums/percussion), Jamie Bolland (keysboards/piano), and Christopher Haddow (guitars). Murder 24/7 is out now in digital and vinyl formats via Errol's Hot Wax.


Bandcamp for album

Label page for album

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