Monday, December 11, 2023

The Brights - Oyster Rock!


Jangling, folky guitar pop can be just what our psychologist prescribe for the weekend. The Brights walk the more folky side of the jangle pop channel, but don't mistake the gentle vibe for a lack of punch. On the newly released Oyster Rock! the melodies are packed with joyous earworms and the arrangements bounce like a happy new puppy. The listener even finds power pop strands and country breaking through with great effect. The effect is blissful and laid back and there are plenty of good musical moments that will have you hitting the replay button. This is a bit of a sleeper album in that if you miss it now, it will surface in the future and you will wish it had been in your life all along.

The Brights are Sunny Blayney (vocals/guitar), Samuel Morris (vocals/bass), Cooper Anderson (drums/backing vocals), Dylan Ferguson (guitar), and Will Maddock (keys/percussion/backing vocals). Oyster Rock! is out now in vinyl and digital formats via Meritorio Records and Stable Label Records.



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