Saturday, December 9, 2023

Loose Wing - Miracle Baby


We in the Pacific Northwest like to share our musical treasures, so we invite all of our readers to embrace Loose Wing. A rock band with leanings toward pop and country rock, its music is characterized by the essential touchstones of excellent musicianship, affecting vocals and some fearless songwriting. The vocals and songwriting, as well as the lead guitar aspect of the musicianship, are provided by Claire Tucker, who no doubt could carve a path as a country singer if she chose. But her lead guitar clearly places her in the rock camp (she also is the guitarist for local psychedelic garage stalwarts Black Nite Crash). 

The latest album by Loose Wing is the recently released Miracle Baby and we think it is a superb musical statement. It is locked-in and concise, but there is a gritty blue collar, heart on the sleeve swagger that sells every song like they are playing live and getting paid by the volume of the applause at the end. The songs embrace a variety of emotions including consumerism, paternalistic males, job anxiety and isolation. And they do it well without lecturing or turning the proceedings into a downer. On this album Loose Wing proves there still is room for bands that splice together multiple styles. It is all about the execution, and this gang executes.

Loose Wing is Claire Tucker (guitar/vocals/keys), Jack Peters (bass), Aimee Zoe (drums), and Bill Patton (guitar/pedal steel). Miracle Baby is out now in digital, vinyl and CD formats via Drums & Wires Recording.



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