Sunday, July 10, 2022

Flowertown - Half Yesterday


Flowertown are masters of beautiful, slow core dream pop infused with a sense of disquiet. We were unabashedly blown away by their 2021 release Time Trials, and their new EP Half Yesterday is, in our opinion, even stronger. The jangle, reverb and layers of gauze remain, but several of the songs break into jangle pop territory and one can almost sense a smile on the faces of Karina Gill and Michael Ramos as they share vocal duties. The duo are both excellent songwriters, but their recordings elevate the material because of their easy partnership as performers. It can be difficult to describe the effect of their music other than to say that we feel more complete having experienced it. So we'll just leave you with the observations that we have gone entire days listening to records by Flowertown, Cindy, and Tony Jay

Karina Gill also heads San Francisco band Cindy, and Michael Ramos records and performs as Tony Jay. Half Yesterday is out now via Mt.St.Mtn. (vinyl) and Paisley Shirt Records (digital/cassette). Unfortunately, it appears that the cassette is sold out, but vinyl and digital remain available. And by the way, dear readers, both Paisley Shirt Records and Mt.St.Mtn. are terrific labels and their rosters deserve your attention.

Bandcamp for Half Yesterday

Paisley Shirt Records page for Half Yesterday

Mt.St.Mtn. page for Half Yesterday

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