Tuesday, July 5, 2022

"Didn't It Rain Last Night" by First Rodeo


It is true that most of our posts focus on pop and rock artists, but we sometimes cross to the country side of the street when appropriately attracted. We recently received a song called "Didn't It Rain Last Night", and we were duly attracted. The creation of Portland/Philadelphia band First Rodeo, the song is classic country/Americana road song replete with affecting vocals and a rich arrangement. First Rodeo consists of Nathan Tucker and Tim Howe. The met in Portland a few years ago and played in each other's bands. Although Nathan has since moved to Philadelphia, their urge to collaborate remains strong, so the do what they can remotely, and then get together to record. Their first album, First Rodeo, will be out August 5 via Forged Artifacts.

Bandcamp for "Didn't It Rain Last Night"

Bandcamp for album

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