Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Trappers Cabin - Trappers Cabin


Trappers is the name adopted by Joel Nettesheim for his music endeavors. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, Trappers is prolific and versatile. The recently released Trappers Cabin, his 14th album, includes rock, psychedelic, alt folk, and a few songs that resist classification. However, each song displays solid melodic sense and Trappers' full commitment to the project. Cue it up, it really is an rewarding listen. The video is homemade and features Trappers and his daughter.

The players on the album are Trappers (guitar/vocals), Jonny Daly (guitar/pedal steel), Adam Higgins (bass/organ/synth/backing vocals), Zack Smith (drums), Aaron Hill (soundscape), and Nancy Kaye Hill (backing vocals).

Trappers Cabin is self-released. See the Bandcamp link below.



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