Friday, December 3, 2021

"Partner Look" by Partner Look


Musicians, siblings, friends, and romantic partners -- please meet Partner Look. The band consists of Lachlan Denton (The Ocean Party/Pop Filter/others), Dainis Lacey (Cool Sounds), and sisters Ambrin Hasnain (Cool Sounds) and Anila Hasnain (Studio Magic). Since we have covered all of those projects in the past, it is no surprise that we find the sound of Partner Look to excite our musical taste buds. The name of the band is refers to the German word "partnerlook" which applies to two people wearing same outfits. Credit for that goes to the German-born Ambrin and Anila, who taught the term to their partners Cainis and Lachlan, respectively.

What Partner Look promises to deliver is sparkling guitar pop with song contributions by all of its members. Debut album By The Book will be available on February 4, but you can hear the first single, "Partner Look" (how is that for direct marketing?) below. Engaging, emotionally and smart, this is just the song we wanted to start our weekend.

By The Book will be released by Trouble In Mind in North America, and Osborne Again in Australia.


Bandcamp for single

Bandcamp for album

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