Saturday, December 11, 2021

Massage - Lane Lines EP


We all like a good massage, and this year has shown Los Angeles' Massage to be very, very good. The four-piece earns high praise for their album Still Life, which was released earlier this year. This lovely little EP isn't just a place holder -- it is a clear demonstration that his band has the chops to be considered on of the best guitar pop bands around. Look at it this way, even if Still Life hadn't been issued this year and put Massage high on many year end lists, the December arrival of Lane Lines would have been enough to earn the band a lot of chatter in the indie pop world. At this point, we can confidently recommend a daily Massage.

Massage are Alex Naidus, Andrew Romano, Gabi Ferrer, and Natalie de Almeida. Lane Lines is out now via Mt.St.Mtn. Note that the record is available in digital and vinyl formats, and the vinyl includes two additional tracks -- a demo of a single from Still Life and a demo for a track on the next LP from the band.




Bandcamp for Lane Lines EP

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