Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Luxembourg Signal - The Long Now


With their third album, the recently released The Long Now, transatlantic project The Luxembourg Signal confirms their status as one of the better dream pop bands on today's scene. The soft vocals of Beth Arzy and Betsy Moyer certainly are part of the reason. But at least as impressive is the band's knack for getting the balance of elements just right. In particular they blend the background atmospherics, vocals, insistent rhythms, muscular guitars and intriguing melodies into a seamless, dynamic whole. The entire album has a bright vibrancy that lifts the listeners mood and makes today's journey more enjoyable. We can't ask for anything more right now.

The Luxembourg Signal are Johnny Joyner, Beth Arzy, Brian Espinosa, Ginny Pitchford, Daniel Kumiega, Betsy Moyer, and Kelly Davis. The Long Now is out now via Shelflife Records and Spinout Nuggets.



Bandcamp for The Long Now

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