Monday, November 30, 2020

Neutrals - "Personal Computing" b/w "In The Future"

 What better day to feature a record titled Personal Computing than Cyber Monday? True, people given to overly technical analysis might point out that the release day if four days in the future, but we counter with the arguments that the two songs comprising the single are already available to stream and order on Bandcamp, and the special color of vinyl is already sold out at the pre-order stage (black vinyl remains available). So on balance, Cyber Monday is perfect in our eyes.

This little gem is the creation of  Neutrals, a DIY Oakland punk/post punk trio with Glasgow DNA. The two upbeat song that comprise the single, "Personal Computing" and "In The Future" are at the punk end of the spectrum. But they feature plenty of melody to go with the passion, and the ringing, buzzing guitars are a delight. Perhaps it is audacious to say so, but this single reminds us of The Clash, and that is direct pipeline to our hearts.

The record will be release via Slumberland Records and is, in fact, the final installment of that label's singles series.


Bandcamp for Personal Computing

Slumberland Records page for Personal Computing

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