Thursday, November 12, 2020

"The Great Tequila Flood Of 2000-2018" by Fixtures

 If anyone is paying attention, we are focusing on singles this week. Today's offering is by Brooklyn, New York's Fixtures. The song is "The Great Tequila Flood Of 2000-2018". I know the wise guys in the crowd are saying "oh yeah, I remember that. It was awesome". Don't believe them! Anyone who says the recall and extended tequila flood is a poser who wasn't engaged in any meaningful way.

But, um, back to the music. Fixtures create the kind of raw pop that worms its way into your brain. And we don't mind because it is good stuff. "The Great Tequila Flood Of 2000-2018" is the second single from their upcoming album Weak Automatic, which will be released December 4 via Bobo Integral Records.

Various links for single

Bandcamp for Weak Automatic

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