Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Cupholders - The Tractor EP

I once bought a used German luxury car that I thought had every convenience I would need in my typical trip on the road.  But one day as I was driving with a beverage in my hand I decided to put the beverage in the cupholder (as the statute of limitations may not have expired, we will use the generic term "beverage", and in the singular).  However, this luxury car was a 1991 sedan that the German engineers had not equipped with a cupholder.  I guess Germans were expected to drive 100mph on the Autobahn holding their, um, beverage.  OK for them, I suppose, but they haven't seen Seattle traffic.

The point for us here is that cupholders are one of those conveniences that we don't think about until we need one and it isn't available.  But when we need one and have one, we cherish it.  And that brings us to The Cupholders.  You may not have known heard their music before.  OK, chances are very high that you have never heard of them.  However, now you will hear them, and you will want to hear them again and cherish them.  Today's edition is The Tractor EP, which is the first of a series of EPs dedicated to watering holes in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle that have tolerated the members of The Cupholders over the years.  You will want to collect these EPs like those little Russian nesting dolls you Aunt collected, only while less colorful, the EPs will be a lot more fun.

The Cupholders are Bart Cameron (vocals/lead guitar), Casey Ruff (vocals/acoustic guitar), and Sam Russell (vocals/rhythm guitar), all veterans of other Seattle bands.  Friends Paul Beaudry, Kubby Casual, Dave Forrester, Colin J. Nelson, Ken Nottingham, and Shadrack Scott helped out with a variety of instruments and vocals, and Nelson recorded and mixed the songs.  The first song features Cameron, the second Ruff, and the third, Russell.  Don't ask me about the fourth song, I'm the guy who buys a car without a cupholder.

This is my kind of music, made by my kind of guys.  Like me, Cameron and Russell are from Wisconsin but have found their way to Seattle (Ruff is from Montana, but they have cows too, so it is all good).  This is honest, soulful rock, made for good times, good friends and plenty of beverages.  They will supply The Cupholders.

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