Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Attic Lights - Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks

After a lengthy quiet period, Glasgow's Attic Lights are back  with another satisfying album of power pop, the curiously titled Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks.  Adeptly echoing the best of '70s and '90s guitar pop, and in no small measure channeling Teenage Fanclub and Weezer, the hooks are plentiful and the melodies sugary.  We are always on the lookout for power pop that makes our day brighter, and if you are like us you will find what you need on Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks.

Attic Lights are Kev Sherry, Colin McArdle, Jamie Houston, and Noel O'Donnell.  Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks is out now via Spanish label Elefant Records.

Bandcamp for album
Elefant Records

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