Thursday, January 3, 2019

Loose Tooth - Keep Up

If you are here, you love good guitar pop music.  So have a Loose Tooth.   Oh, did that suggestion trigger your fears of the dentist's chair?  We apologize, but assure you that this Loose Tooth won't require cutting or yanking and will cost much less than an implant.  A trio from Melbourne, this Loose Tooth creates hyper-catchy tunes with terrific harmonies and a vibe that reminds me of '80s pop in all of the good ways.  Their 2018 LP is Keep Up, offering 11 tracks that will allow you to keep moving to ward off the chill, or strut on the beach in sunshine, depending on your hemisphere of choice.

Loose Tooth are Etta Curry (vocals/drums), Nellie Jackson (vocals/guitar) and Luc Dawson (vocals/bass/guitar/keys).  Dale Packard assisted with some sweet sax.  Keep Up is available in digital and vinyl formats via Milk! Records.


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