Sunday, January 27, 2019

Delsbo Beach Club - Four Tracks & A Burger EP

It was almost dinner time, and we were hungry.  Hungry for food, but also hungry for some good music.  So we pulled into our favorite (and highly secret) place, and ordered Four Tracks & A Burger.  Our mission was accomplished in a very satisfying fashion.  We can't share the burger with you because we ate it.  But we aren't ungenerous, so we hereby present all you need to get your own Four Tracks & A Burger.  It will be made by the fine indie rock craftsmen at the Delsbo Beach Club, which insiders know to be a premium purveyor of such items for those hungry fans who find themselves in Sweden. We understand that you probably are not, at this moment, in Sweden.  However, due to the magic of the internet and the tasteful distributors at Stockholm's Rama Lama Records, you don't even need to be in Sweden to get your own Four Tracks & A Burger.  So visit the Bandcamp link and get your own copy of fuzz, melody, energy, and a very low calorie burger.

For this recording, Delsbo Beach Club are Erik Björklund, Aron Lange, Alexander Kuronen, Max Englund.

Bandcamp for EP

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