Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Beat Degeneration - Searching for Some Heaven

Say hello to your favorite Italian band.  Yes, Beat Degeneration deserves our time, our ears, and the few dollars it takes to own their new album, Searching For Some Heaven.  And while I cannot speak definitively about where the band was looking for a slice of heaven, you might find a bit of yours in these ten songs.  The first three songs are sufficiently strong that I'd probably want the album if the remaining tracks featured traffic noise.  But happily you don't need to engage in such analysis, as the remainder of the album buzzes, fuzzes, and jangles like a champion with sweet harmonies and soaring choruses.  And while the band spends most of its time here playing upbeat power pop, you only need to hear a song like "Pappelallee" to know that there are other facets to this talented group.

Our favorite songs are "Jamie Is Gone", "Feet in the Sand", "Playing Rock'n'Roll in the Dark", "Sunny Day", "The Way You Smile".  "Jamie Is Gone" may be the happiest sounding post-breakup song you have heard.

Searching for Some Heaven is out now via Jigsaw Records; see the Bandcamp link for details

Bandcamp for Searching for Some Heaven

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