Wednesday, May 23, 2018

High Sunn - Missed Connections

Every year as summer approaches we search for music to provide our summer soundtrack.  You know, music for driving to the beach, music for backyard parties, music for late nights on the deck under the stars.  And a prime contender this year comes courtesy of 18-year old San Francisco musician Justin Cheromiah.  Recording and performing as High Sunn, Justin has followed his well-received 2017 EP Hopeless Romantic with Missed Connections, containing some of the most infectious, guitar pop we've heard in a long time.  We note that Justin is not a rookie when it comes to recording his songs, as he has been recording his own material since he was 14.  But now he is working with a full band and, while still lo-fi, his material is polished, hook filled, melodic, and highly accessible.  Unsurprisingly, the themes run to coming-of-age and teenage angst, but we old guys are fine with that if the music is this good.

Missed Connection commences with the sunshine surf pop of "Summer Solstice", followed by the '90s alt rock "I Thought You Were There" and the upbeat power pop "Those Last Words", with oohs and swoops in the choruses.  And for our money, those aren't even the best songs.  What are the best songs?  Well, the run of songs from track four through the closer, track 10, presents a wealth of choices so consistent that we can't decide for you.  We've presented three candidates below, but we encourage you to stream the album on Bandcamp and decide for yourself.

For this album, Justin's band includes Joe Jensen (drums), Freddy Rivera (lead guitar), and Arianna Vazuez (bass).  Missed Connections is out now in digital, vinyl and CD formats via Stockholm's PNKSLM Recordings.

Bandcamp for Missed Connections
PNKSLM Recordings

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