Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Legendary House Cats - Greatest Blips, Vol. 1

We now present the greatest blips ever.  How do we know that they are the greatest blips ever?  It says so right on the label.  And blips that are the greatest ever are just what we would expect from the top cat in The Legendary House Cats, John Girgus.  Girgus' past associations are Aberdeen, Languis, and Ultra Non Joy, so you know that you can expect electronic dreampop, soaring soundscapes and deft hooks. The man knows his way around a soundboard, but more importantly, he knows how to make sweet love to your ears.  This album may be the most inspiring and life affirming electronica you can afford.  Go ahead, you deserve it.

Greatest Blips, Vol. 1 is out now in digital and CD formats.

Twitter (The Legendary House Cats)
Twitter (John Girgus)
Bandcamp for Greatest Blips, Vol. 1

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